The Hollow Ones by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan

Random individuals have been murdering others as single homicidal events with no seemingly connections. These purposeless rampages are the subject matter centered around The Hollow Ones, making it an unforgettable horrific thriller of a read.
The dynamic duo of Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan return with a strong effort featuring characters that are forced to confront deadly creatures of chaos and ritualistic spiritual corruption. These two authors know how to weave a story from a shocking beginning to an unpredictable ending. Readers will enjoy this foul spirit ridden novel that relentlessly grips, and never lets go.
Guillermo Del Toro is a Mexican filmmaker, actor, former special effects makeup artist and author. These ongoing talents of story telling shine through in this newest novel and deserves to join his many acquired accolades. Chuck Hogan is the perfect writing partner having many achievements of his own including screenwriter and television producer. The talent for this project is overwhelming and it shows throughout every turn of the page.

Grab a copy…
A solid rating of 4 Bookworms…

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