Howls From The Wreckage edited by Christopher O’Halloran

Bedtime quickly becomes a parent’s worst nightmare as a child is lost to the menacing shadows of his bedroom closet. Obsessive behavior for the truth leads a father to unorthodox bizarre answers.

A behemoth monster delivers destruction and devastation to a thriving populated city. As thousands perish, a small portion of survivors are saved by means of regurgitation from the unleashed Kaiju. These select few now have become “different” and with an inventive agenda.

A plague of winged slug-like creatures have descended on an unsuspecting community. Guilty of underlying tones of discrimination, the cursed town will be taught a well learned lesson of equality by way of flesh burrowing insects.

The HOWL Society has once again compiled a most captivating anthology entitled, Howls From The Wreckage, an anthology of disaster horror. This doom and gloom package includes the editing talents of Christopher O’Halloran and a forward by the talented Nick Cutter.

Writers such as Solomon Forse, L.P. Hernandez, Cassandra Khaw and P.L. McMillan are among the many who carry the HOWL torch with passion and devotion for horror. From a cave expedition gone terribly wrong to unbridled eight-legged metallic arachnids, these whopping twenty stories of power outages, unnatural destructions and biblical carnage are only some of the casualties this doomsday book provides.

It never ceases to amaze me how many talented writers are out there today. The strengths of this particular group of authors has to be their creativity. Mesmerizing strangeness and cohesiveness add endless sub-genres to each and every story. It’s what makes this particular collection of literary works worth every page.
When the emergency sirens begin to wail and the National Weather Service announce their warnings of evacuation, don’t fear of being alone or in the dark, The HOWL Society has got you covered. Science will not recommend this book and religion will not advocate it…but the Horror Bookworm will. Grab your copy before it’s too late.
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