My Dildo Is A Serial Killer by Simon McHardy & Sean Hawker

Christina experienced an extremely abusive childhood consisting of physical and emotional trauma resulting in long term effects, eventually scarring her adult life. She unexpectedly stumbles across a peculiar piece of sexual equipment that promises a wealth of ecstasy and satisfaction in return for questionable fiendish services. Will Christina face her demons and overcome temptation, or will she make a deal with the dildo devil.

A 16 inch purple dildo takes the leading role of this pulsating piece of floozy fiction brought to you by none other than Simon McHardy & Sean Hawker. From a church’s charity drive to a sexual sinner’s confessional, these two taboo authors know how to break every Kama Sutra carnal sin known to man. This novella combines violent carnage, morbid men of the cloth and sexual comeuppance like a burger, shake & fries combo meal.

The blood, gore and sex flow from page to page like a holy water splashing priest. Each kill brings a new warning to the word trigger. McHardy & Hawker provides a satisfying plunge into the reanimating of inanimate objects. Their unusual method of storytelling is a fun encounter with inappropriate behavior and numerous sins of lust. Warning: Must have an open mind and sense of humor to appreciate.
May the power of Christ compel you to purchase this chainsaw wielding wealth of creative writing. If your local gas station bathroom stall doesn’t have - For A Good Time Read McHardy & Hawker - please grab a sharpie and add it to all the other featured art provided. This book comes with a Horror Bookworm Recommendation seal of approval.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation