Nat’l Tattle by Joseph M. Monks

In the heart of Florida among the Everglades, a strange sickness has escaped its confines and is unleashed upon the wetland’s wildlife. Roby is a reporter for The National Tattle, a tabloid newspaper of sorts. As sightings of something very unusual and menacing begin to occur, the editor-in-chief assigns Roby to investigate the answers of the what, when and where to this cash cow. However, the explanations are not only horrifically deadly but far beyond comprehension.

Known as the Dumpster-Man, a hybrid “Thing” of secret conspiracies and human experimentations escapes the facility it was created in. Specimen 07-2A, with its pincerlike hands and mantis-head has emerged straight from the warped mind of author Joseph M. Monks. The first time my reading path crossed Joseph Monk’s writing style, was his story Encore within the book Exactly The Wrong Things. (I was hooked!) So I jumped at the chance to read his new creation.

Nat’l Tattle is a short story that consists of an immediate hook, amusing flawed characters and a plot that is generated with images of distorted body horror and diseased flesh. The grisly bloodshed and unpredictable climax make the cringe factor a high one and well worth reading.
Weekly World News and Bat Boy ain’t got nothin’ on The National Tattle and Joseph Monks.
Purchase your copy on Godless and get the scoop today. For that matter grab any of Monks titles and enjoy one of the vintage model splatterpunk godfathers. A Strong Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation