Season’s Creepings by Ronald Kelly

A decorative cardboard skeleton turns out to be its own yule-tide court appointed judge, jury, and executioner. A family becomes lost on a snowy rural road and ends up encountering a rather notoriously famous old farm house. An excited little girl is allowed to sit on Ole St. Nick’s lap at the local mall, simply to discover the real interpretation of being naughty or nice.
Ronald Kelly’s Season’s Creepings contains 10 Tales of Holiday Horror. The King of Creepiness once again reaches into his morbid bag of gifts and bestows upon the reader his interpretations regarding tidings of comfort and joy. Beginning with the introduction, Kelly shares his cherished childhood memories of Xmas with that familiar entertaining twist of terror he spins into each recollection. Beyond the intro, Kelly begins hanging the reader’s stockings above a glowing fireplace and fills them with soul-chilling dread, mind-numbing terror and tormented winter chills. Keeping a blanket of gloom nearby just in case a shiver of gooseflesh materializes, Ronald Kelly summons his inner winter demon and rises to the challenge of spreading ten tales of holiday cheer in the most macabre of ways.
Ronald Kelly has a way of pulling the reader into a story by his down to earth approach to writing, much like a familiar warm and cozy chair. I feel his youthful experiences have often help create storylines, thereupon his imagination twists them into something horrifically appealing. Another five star Horror Bookworm Review. I can’t get enough of this guy.
A Five Horror Holiday Bookworm Review

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