The Searching Dead by Ramsey Campbell

Dominic and his two school mates, Jim and Bobby, are the self proclaimed Tremendous Three. There’s nothing they can’t handle. Having said that…with the smells of school hallways, uniforms and crowded classrooms comes an unearthing of an undefined shapeless presence that can only be found within the boundaries of darkness. These discoveries ultimately open a Pandora’s Box of secrecies that only the dead bestow.

Can a deceased loved one come back from the grave? Would it be inappropriate to restore someone dear to you that has departed? Members of a congregation known as The Trinity Church seem to have thoroughly explored what lies beyond. These identified ghostly existences carry a disturbing momentum towards purgatory and the afterlife. The Searching Dead takes the reader on a journey of unrelenting devotion, youthful courage and unsettling hidden secrets.

Ramsey Campbell sets the appropriate mood by using his writing skills as a gateway to sinister forces. Surrounding school and religion with darkness, the dead and elongated shadows of dread throughout the pages. This riveting slow burn of a story cleverly encompasses terrifying apparitions, skeptical revelations and metaphoric horrors. Its past, present and future anecdotes combined with the haunting unknown makes this a highly creepy read.
The Searching Dead is the first book of the Three Births of Daoloth trilogy. It’s a spooky read that winds its way through spiritual paths leading right up to the cemetery gates. When you hear the dead call out from the graveyards…will you answer?
A Horror Bookworm Recommendation 4 / 5

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