The Cosmic Anomaly by Henk Wester

When the first anomalies began to appear around the world, reality-bending encounters gripped the population. These bizarre and disturbing occurrences happen without warning and in random fashion. Such morbid miracles include inexplicable species, gore ridden events and extreme biological creatures of flesh & bone. The small town of DeAar has become a hot spot for ultimate horrific aberrations of nightmare proportions. Enter a team of six brave souls ready to explore these intense paranormal occurrences all in the name of fortune, fame & glory.

With the ongoing speculations, hypotheses and theories, society has chosen to evacuate and fence off all defiled locations. Author Henk Wester drops the reader directly into one of these surreal areas of chaos. Written with a rogue style of found footage artistry, Wester’s decision to have the locale a desolate setting, pronounces the ambient threat of creatures, freaks and abominations roaming the streets.

The Cosmic Anomaly is a humanoid blend of the bizarre and cosmic horror. Using infestations that could only inhabit the dreams of Lovecraft, unnatural aberrations appear without reason or warning making author Henk Wester take root within
The illusion of purgatory that takes place between the front and back cover likens itself to flesh and bone from an unrecognizable dead carcass. There were numerous well written creepy moments that stayed with me long after reading. Prepare yourself for an extreme reading experience that reaches a “Category 5 Red Hotspot” of splatter fun filled abnormality.
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A 4 / 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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