The Cadillac Man by John Wayne Comunale

What really exists on that long stretch of lonesome highway? Truck stops, diners and remote family homes tucked away safely beyond the empty two-lane black top. Among these mile markers of the macabre dwells disturbing images of brutality, hellish fates of destiny and twisted evil forces at work. Your ride to these horrific localities of chaos has arrived in the form of a vintage black Cadillac. The driver has an unsettling nonhuman presence and is known to his casualties as, The Cadillac Man.

Accompanied by his faithful imp “helper”, the Cadillac Man absorbs as much energy as possible from his victims by having them perform sadistic duties in exchange for favors of ultimate sacrifices. By dangling these motivational carrots while moving laterally through time, an evil of repulsive glamour feeds on the darkness within humanity. Spread across three sections, author John Wayne Comunale focuses his extraordinary creativity on his main character of carnage called, The Cadillac Man.

Comunale is a master of combining unique flavor and unnatural chaos while choreographing a well told story. Through his twisted words of the weird he unleashes a villain with no conscious and no allegiance. Think of an extreme version of Stephen King’s Needful Things and you have a 400 plus page novel that savors the John Wayne flavor.

If you like a tension filled story that has no rules or boundaries, readers ought to consider a ride down this menacing two-lane highway, it could be your last. Torment has a new face…allow John Wayne Comunale to show it to you. A strong Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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