Czech Extreme compiled by Edward Lee & Honza Vojtisek

- Dominik loves the smell of disease, he loves the sights of bodily waste, he loves the taste of intestinal treasures. Dominik believes one man’s waste is another man’s treasure…Dominik is Different. - A woman’s late Uncle leaves her an inheritance of not only his estate, but also an unexpected illogical conjuring from a separate dimension. This nether-place evokes real magic from sacred laws…all stemming from a ceramic sex toy. - Two men prepare to celebrate a birthday by making a perverted erotic dream come true. However dreams can easily and unwillingly become horrific nightmares.

From folklore creatures that haunt and lure its prey into forest shadows, to a sex robot derived from a toxic sibling rivalry that only Isaac Asimov could appreciate. Explore excessive desires that include the vigorous arousals of Gerontophilia. Discover the filthy fondness of Coprophilia. These eight stories of sick addictions, perverse torture and imaginative monsters are guaranteed to make the reader feel the writhing mass of uncomfortableness that this collection has to offer.

Published by Madness Heart Press, Czech Extreme features a new wave of professional Czech authors making their contribution to the extreme horror movement. Among the diverse talents of these testicle twisting tales stands Edward Lee, who also contributes a novella of foul phallic fiction to this amazing reading experience.
Editors Edward Lee and Honza Vojtisek have successfully compiled a blood pumping wild ride. Warning: Content contains disturbing subject matter, must be taller than this line to read Czech Extreme. An easy five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Reviews Recommendation.
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An easy five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Reviews Recommendation

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