Attack Of The 3-D Zombies by John Cady

Two ten year old boys have devised a well planned scheme to view the new 3-D Zombie movie just released in cinemas everywhere. Since the film is rated R and purely driven by pre-teen motivation, being underage is just a minor drawback for the duo. After the success of sneaking into the theatre and donning the appropriate glasses, reality takes a sharp turn and they find themselves within their own surreal world of survival.

Author John Cady puts a bit of a different portrayal on his reanimated corpses with his novella sized book entitled, Attack of the 3-D Zombies. Sporting the classic 3-D glasses these two friends engage in an illusionary three dimensional escapade of zombie infested malls, “too close for comfort” action and non-stop chaotic exploits. Fun and innocent could accurately describe this first installment of D & T Publishing Little Gremlins line.
John Cady has created a light hearted read packed with enough entertaining side adventures it would make Bill & Ted envious. It’s nice to have a change of pace lumber toward you with outstretched arms of originality. I would strongly advise to heed the valuable lesson applied in this book…All is fair in love, war and fleeing from zombies.
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A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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