Your English Is Good by Colt Skinner

A woman employs an outlaw biker as a bodyguard for protection regarding her deviant talents. Her clients are a particular kind of customer, ones who have distinctive kinky wants and needs. This particular profession of high dollar escort at second glance, isn’t what it seems.

This short story written by Colt Skinner, replaces reality with no holds barred taboos and enough forbidden desires that safe words must be used. Pleasantly pieced together, Skinner successfully creates an amazing ambience of horrific voyeurism for the reader. His experimental fictional ecstasy is pure genius and should only be read behind closed doors, safely hidden away from all others.
The line between pleasure and pain, ecstasy and suffering, are cleverly blurred with authenticity and fantasy. When it comes to sexual pleasures, what is acceptable and what is not? What will be your Safe Word?
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An impressive five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ short story Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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