Piece By Piece by Daemon Manx

Bobby Canfield’s mysterious memories of his youth transpired on the night of June 26th 1988. At a young age he encounters little girls playing a strange type of board game. One that is decorated with letters, numbers, signs and words. One that allows spirits to contact the living. One that has relayed a very discouraging message to Bobby.

Piece By Piece by Daemon Manx is a short story centered around an ancient ouija board. This Splatterpunk award nominee writer takes the reader on an eerie journey where cryptic messages are not only disturbing but also reveals the frailty of life, family and business. Told in an inauspicious setting of spiritual foreboding, this author’s stained teardrop planchette controls ominous warnings and speculative truths that will literally send icy chills up the spine. The lesson has been told…appreciate the simple things in life, before it’s too late.
As an extra bonus, when you purchase Piece By Piece, you receive an additional short story of intense darkness dwelling under the floor beams, concealing itself inside the crawl space of a occupied home. If both of these conceptions of unsettling suspense sounds appealing to you, then hold your planchette delicately with fingertips and let the spirits guide you to YES. Grab your copy today!
A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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