The Slappening by Jamie Benedi

A retirement home providing personal assistance and care to the elderly becomes the focus of a brutal and savage senior citizen crime scene. The bizarre premeditated offense comes from a weaponry choice of an open hand repeatedly slapping the victim to death. Just when you thought it was safe to play bingo and attend watercolor art classes, an unexpected occurrence of palm meeting flesh and blood has returned with a vengeance. When a malicious psycho path reigns terror on the innocent, an all out investigation begins as all residents become suspects.

Author Jaimie Benedi brings a thwacking combination of Bizzaro and Splatterpunk to his unusual brand of fiction. This hefty novel centers around leathery skinned old timers and a gruesome murder site of bone, gristle, dentures and hearing aids. One thing is certain, a giant handprint slap will make its way across the pages of this “one of a kind” unconventional book.

Armed with an unforgettable 80's soundtrack and a verbal spew of satanic pig latin, The Slappening packs a slaaaaap that even an Alzheimer’s victim could remember. It’s geriatric wonkiness infuses gore-strewn violence with the ambiance of an Agatha Christie who-dunnit. With a white background noise of elderly sex, the message stays true and strong…”you don’t have to get old when you age, it’s all a matter of perspective.”
Be prepared, Benedi is a kind of author that looks at a colostomy bag half full rather than half empty. All gerontophiles need not apply, this book is written for everyone. If you like the twisted wit of a Matt Clarke, the sexual deviance of a Wrath James White and the sickening carnage of a R.J. Benetti…you will dig Jamie Benedi.
A 5 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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