Stargazers by LP Hernandez

A large amount of people have been staring blankly at the night sky for hours. This unexplained phenomenon has manifested within the population causing panic and chaos. The strange occurrence quickly develops into a grand scale of violent crimes and intentional brutality. One small family is captured among the bizarre circumstances forcing their struggle to survive and find sanctuary a horrific task that only the strong willed can achieve.

Sadie Hartmann has partnered with Cemetery Gates Media to bring you the first novella in the My Dark Library series entitled Stargazers. Author LP Hernandez has established a storyline involving a husband and wife that share the love for their young daughter. These affections are put to the test as the surrounding disease of pandemonium locates itself off the grid of normality.

I admire how the author enhances his story with online threads, news reports and viral videos giving it a splash of found footage horror. Tense transformations from ordinariness to a corrupt sickness highlights the talent Hernandez possesses. The apocalyptic despondency will leave the audience searching for a beacon of light only to find more darkness and despair. Fictional stains of dead bodies on the side of the road and disturbing encounters with the infected are bound to stay with the reader for a good while.
Prepare yourself and look to the constellations. You may be the first to know that something is happening…pray it doesn’t happen to you. LP Hernandez is completely and perfectly rock solid. Grab this creepy Horror Bookworm Recommendation now.
A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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