Donn, TX 1978 by Eric Butler

As a mother and daughter seek sanctuary from an abusive husband, the two find themselves right in the middle of a harvest where sacrificial quotas must be met. Welcome to Donn, Texas 1978. A place you won’t find on any map or road sign. A place where a relentless evil possesses an unending hunger requiring blood for payment in full.

Eric Butler adds another installment to the annals of Donn, Texas. Complete with ominous swarms of deadly crows and a scythe wielding scarecrow, the cornfields are alive with the sound of screaming. Butler has also included an assortment of terrifying evil monstrosities to this horror harvest masterpiece. Believe me, there’s plenty to fear within the hidden shadows of the vast cornfields he has created.

This author has appointed himself judge, jury and executioner as he successfully combines a well constructed storyline with perverse acts of brutality. After receiving the coppery taste from these blood-soaked pages, the desire to explore further into the nightmarish gore and suspense is unavoidable. This well imagined gateway to Hell is a reading experience you don’t want to miss.
We all have our crosses to bear. What is yours? Will you pay your debt in full? Will you survive the quota? If you somehow end up in Donn, Texas by following the number of crosses along the stretch of highways…your best bet is to let things be. A rich harvest Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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