Camp Slasher Lake Vol. 1 compiled by D.W. Hitz

- Camp Helton, better known as Camp Hell, is populated with excited kids, horny teenage counselors and a deadly killer on the loose. Hot tubs, sex and weed quickly develop into a massacre of meat, bone and blood. Survival of the lust driven cabin leaders and summer campers commence as the cabin carnage swings into full 80’s style panic. - A camp counselor’s retreat has been established at Sun Beach Summer Camp. As the attendees prepare their agenda, scary stories are shared around the campfire. Now the time has arrived for the recounting of a folklore legend known as the Camp Custer Killer. A sadistic murderer that has never been caught nor heard from again…until now. - It is Saturday October 31st 1987. Five separate mailboxes have received an unmarked envelope, each containing a handwritten invitation to a special Halloween party. Guaranteed scares and good times are promised to all participants who are brave enough to visit what is known as the Murder House. Your invite has officially arrived.

D.W. Hitz has gathered 10 authors to help celebrate the old-school slashers that we hold near and dear. Let’s meet the Camp Slasher Lake’s counselors. “Hello, My Name Is…” Perverted Patrick C. Harrison III, Disturbing Derek Austin Johnson, Creepy Carlton Herzog and of course the Horrifying Hitz himself (just to name a few). These sickening storytellers have invited the reader to attend a Sadie Hawkins dance for the demented. Witness a ritualistic rebirth of love and explore the sensation and meaning of crazy…it’s just a state of being ya know.

As a fan of 70’s & 80’s slasher films, I loved this repulsive time capsule of bodycount brutality. Not holding back on gory tropes, isolated victims and “final girls” these stories are specifically designed to tug at the unnerving desire to be scared. As you sink your meat hooks into this whopping 400 page psychotic rampage, you will soon find the real headliners are the bad-tempered butchers. Come face to face with The Backwoods Decapitator, The Danny Mann, The Asphyixiator and the much appreciated Handyman.
Readers will be reborn and baptized in moments of blessed backwood lunatics, renounced sins of supernatural forces and professed paralyzing pandemonium. There certainly are a lot of sick people running around loose in this world…here are 10 of them, it just so happens they are all authors. In the immortal words of Tobe Hooper - “Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them?” A Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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