Horror Bookworm Spotlight: Eric Butler

Eric Butler sat down with The Horror Bookworm for a 5 Question one on one interview. Enjoy the results.
HB: It’s obvious your imagination level is at a rock solid 10. From the time you began your writing career all the way to present day, what would be your favorite “aha” moment that spun an idea for a book or story?

EB: This is a tough one, but I think the biggest “aha” moment I had was when I read my first Laymon novel, Darkness Tell Us. It blew my mind. While I always leaned in an extreme direction, I don’t think I embraced it until after reading that novel. My first novel The Shadow WIthin is heavily influenced by Laymon.
HB: Donn, TX has exploded into a successful collection of books. Did you intend for it to be a structured serialization of horror when you first began writing this cornfield full of carnage fun?

EB: Yes. That was one of the few things I planned in the series. I wanted to produce a series that covered a few sub-genres and time periods, mostly to keep it fresh for me as I wrote. I hoped the readers would be as interested in taking the trip with me and connecting the dots. The funny thing was each year was supposed to be a shorter story. However, with each one, I discovered there was more and more to share, and they’ve grown from shorts in a collection to individual books.

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HB: Thankfully for us, you seem to churn out the scary stuff on a regular basis. Is there a set writing schedule you stick to or maybe a specific ritual you do to reach that creative comfort zone?

EB: I’m very loose with all that. I lean towards the panster writing style, so I have a hard time with structure as it is. I’m hoping using set deadlines will help, and I’m experimenting with those in 2023.
HB: Given your endless repertoire of ominous monstrosities and repulsive plots, can you give us fans a sneak peek into what’s next on your horror agenda?

EB: I’m working on a semi-monthly series of shorter novellas like Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny which will debut on Godless and move over to Amazon. I’m also in the middle of rewriting a loose sequel to The Pope Lick Massacre. I’m also 1 of 4 writers working on Candace Nola’s project The Generator. It should be out in March or April. Finally, I will have another Donn, TX out that will complete the 2nd wave of stories (2002, 1978, 1946?).

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HB: Last but certainly not least and probably the most important question to ask Eric Butler…please share with us a day in the life of Kittle & Totoro.

EB: My wife and I have different schedules, so the girls use that to their advantage. They get up in the morning with my wife sometime between 4:30 and 5:30. They eat breakfast and then go out to enjoy the cool morning weather, more so in the winter and early spring but it is the only time in the summer. They spend most of that time chasing lizards, snakes, and squirrels. They also enjoy digging. They come in periodically for water or to power nap before I get up. They then use that as an opportunity to con treats from me to keep them quiet while my wife works from home.

If the weather permits, they will go back out around lunchtime and chill. If it’s too hot, they just stay in and nap throughout the day. Dinner is at 4, and they begin howling and dancing around a few minutes before to remind us. Once they eat, they go back out and help me clean up the yard. Totoro is a fan of fetch, so we will play that for a bit. Kittle has never grasped the appeal, so she simply chases her sister and attacks her when she slows down.

After that, we go in and they hang out in the kitchen while I make dinner. They make sure I understand they are willing to taste test anything. They then lay under the table during our dinner to again remind us they are willing to help with any leftovers. After dinner, my wife and I will usually sit down in the living room and watch TV for an hour or 2 and decompress from the day. The girls use this as a time to show us all their cool moves as they play and fight in the middle of the room.

Kittle shuts down around 9:30 and goes to bed with my wife. Totoro kind of moves around the house, sometimes going to bed with them and sometimes hanging out with me as I play video games or watch a movie. I write most nights so when I go to bed, I usually have to convince 1 (if not both) to move enough to let me in the bed. My wife is a light sleeper, and often can’t go back to sleep if they make too much of a ruckus. They are usually cool and settle back down, but if they are feeling ornery or think they can score some food, all gloves are off.
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