Horror Bookworm Spotlights Candace Nola

Candace Nola sat down with the Horror Bookworm for a 5 question one on worm interview. Enjoy…
HB: Reviewer, editor, creator of Uncomfortably Dark Horror and a conduit for connecting others to the horror genre. What is your secret in finding time to hone your own craft of storytelling?

CN: I listen to podcasts on writing craft weekly. I read many other authors and genres and I schedule time every day to work on my own writing. Due to my day job, running the website, and the editing business, its’ important that I stick to a strict schedule. I use three whiteboards for that purpose.
HB: The projects you are involved in always seem to come straight from the heart. Has there ever been a personal experience that has inspired an idea for a book or business venture?

CN: All of my projects have been personal in some way. My first two novels, Breach and Beyond the Breach take parts of my life and employ them in the storyline. The Baker’s Dozen project was my love letter to the community and the first group of writer friends that welcomed me with open arms. My website is an extension of my love for this genre and its authors. Bishop was inspired by a childhood friend, who shares his name with the titular character.

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HB: I’m going to throw you a controversial hardball question. As an established reviewer what is your opinion about one star reviews versus five star reviews versus praise versus criticism? What is your stance on harsh feedback?

CN: Reviews are for the readers, not the authors. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. You cannot expect every word you write to resonate with every reader. That’s a ludicrous expectation. Life is about taking the good with the bad, writing is no different. Whether you use stars, or good praise vs criticism, it is just one person’s opinion. It is up to each reader to decide for themselves to read or not to read, that is the question, is it not?

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HB: We all eat, sleep and breathe horror. I find it interesting when a movie or book divides an audience. Fear seems to affect people in different ways. Can you share with us a few instances where you thought it was handled perfectly?

CN: No. Fear is relative. What scares me may not scare anyone else. When a movie or book nails fear, at least for me, is when they capture the building dread so perfectly that the theater is silenced, everyone on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what comes next. That perfect moment of utter dread, stomach churning, hold your breath and don’t blink, is what I live for. While the “moment” may not scare everyone, that building dread had them hooked. That is where the fear lives.

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HB: My favorite question to ask authors and those involved in the community is about their guilty pleasures. What floats Candace Nola’s boat? Is it music, movies or maybe a collection of some sorts?

CN: Other than reading? I do acrylic pour painting with my son, which is really a lot of fun for us both. I write poetry when I need a break from the stories and action movies are my guilty pleasure. I’m a sucker for Bruce Willis movies, Jason Statham, Nick Cage, etc.

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