Motorboat by Brian Berry

An evil congregation called The Brotherhood of Darkness is led by an immoral individual named Messiah Ward. He, along with his disciples and sacrificial wrong doers were ultimately vanquished by a man of the cloth known as Father Thomas. Two years later, it seems the immoral stranglehold has returned and began its reign over a local community. Father Thomas is once again faced with a unique form of evil. With the help of Chief Barney Raul, the two enter a final showdown between an impending struggle of good and evil.

Within a setting of reed-beds and cattails, Lake Jude is an isolated local lake where campers, boaters and swimmers come to enjoy their summers. Unfortunately, The Brotherhood of Darkness has chosen this site to return as an ultimate evil form, one that roams the lake for revenge leaving mutilated messes in its bloody wake.

Motorboat is the official novelization of the humble budgeted horror movie by the same name. The captain of this ship is none other than Mr. Brian Berry himself. I mean, what a perfect fit this is, it’s literally a match made in Holy Hell. As Berry spins his B-movie talents within these murky gore soaked pages, an entertaining story of good vs evil rises to the creative surface.

Relics, rituals and blood churning carnage make this motorboat-massacre a lovable cesspool of morbid visuals. Branded as a classic low budget 70’s horror vibe, Motorboat serves up its images in large propeller portions of bizarre subject matter.
This book was so much fun to read! I thank you Brian Berry for choosing this project…oh…and also the mulched meat generated by an evil propeller…I thank you for that too. Do yourself a favor and partake in this sinister outdoor Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
Grab your copy here…
A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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