Larry by Adam Millard

Larry Travers is an aged retired camp ground serial slasher from the 1970’s. Years later, missing the smell of sliced teenaged death, he chooses to come out of retirement and once again don his pig face mask and handy axe.
What Douglas Adams did for Sci-Fi comedy, Adam Millard has done for horror comedy with his novel Larry. Many chuckles are guaranteed as unforgettable characters are introduced such as Pigface’s condescending mother, college age kids consistently providing rules and regulations of a proper kill-crazy rampage and of course the “talking” pig face mask giving sarcastic consultations for Larry.
Readers will enjoy the perfect hillbilly hacking cabin getaway at Camp Diamond Creek. Just be sure to ignore the old man chanting “Doomed I Tell You!” As you enter the woods alone.
Adam Millard authors a vast subject matter that ranges from Fantasy/Horror to Bizarro to Post-Apocalyptic fiction. His unique style pushes the limits of the genre, and is a joy to read.
Grab a copy …
Larry rates a solid 4 Bookworms !!!

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