Sins Of The Father by JG Faherty

Sins Of The Father is an extension of the Lovecraft Universe. This includes historic sights such as Miskatonic University, Arkham Sanitarium and the town of Innsmouth where shadows hide plenty of real evils. Emerging as The Waterfront Killer, a string of very unusual murders have been discovered leading to a deadly web of jealousy and guilt by bloodline.
Written with that familiar first person Lovecraftian style, author JG Faherty brilliantly offers stomach-churning nightmares and rotted flesh abominations. He paints a perfect cinematic scenery with a limelight for roaming watery deaths and walking corpses that only The Ancient Ones could create. Rejoice in the origins of The Elder Gods and let them guide you through this Necronomicon of a book and relish the appalling tentacle toting monsters from the depths of hell. Enjoy!
Other works of JG Faherty include The Burning Time, nominated for an International Thriller Writers’ Thriller Award and The Cure nominated for the Bram StokerAward for Superior Achievement in a novel. He has served as a trustee on the Horror Writers Association’s Board since 2011.
A Tentacle Toting 4 of 5 Bookworms

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