If It Bleeds by Stephen King

To achieve a life long dream, an isolated man makes a deal with the “Devil”. A cadaver does more than just speak from the grave. These along with two other novellas formulate Stephen King’s latest book, called If It Bleeds.
Constant Readers rejoice, we are in the presence of another book. Master of character building, King also brandishes his talent of eroding selective characters to the point of vivid warped perceptions. Written with controlled chaos and a focused narrative, King unveils certain evils in this collection of novellas that enjoy and thrive on eating the pain of others. A definite highlight was the return of Holly, who questions an ideology that might include – killing for God is the norm – only to discover it’s much worse than she anticipated. If there’s one thing to be taken away from these works of fiction, it is…if ghosts exist, one can bet not all of them are holy.
What can you say about Stephen King that hasn’t already been said. As a child I read Night Shift, that book introduced me to horror fiction, and I never looked back. Much later in life I was lucky enough to actually interview Stephen King, definitely a top achievement of mine, one that I will never forget.
4 of 5 Bookworm Rating

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