Along The Path Of Torment by Chandler Morrison

Along The Path Of Torment is a bleak narration surrounding the decadence of Los Angeles. The story follows Mr. Seward, a man plagued by not only the terrible shadows that loom in the seedy side of the city, but also a grim inner torment represented in the form of a black mass.
Chandler Morrison doesn’t hold back with his descriptive true nature style of writing combining lust and terror. The sinister hunger that is painted throughout this book effortlessly blends a genuine horror and fascination towards the demons living inside of us all waiting for the perfect opportunity to takeover. Chandlers disturbing look into the underbelly of secret societies and their abuse on others, leaves a gritty unforgettable mental imprint. The reader will certainly depart with an afterthought of…everyone is haunted by something. So unscrew that smoke detector and light a cigarette or two, search deep within yourself, and figure out what haunts you.
Last Words: As I was reading this book, it clearly had undertones of depression, and almost all the characters were a bit unlikable. However for a writer to be able to stir those strong disconcerting emotions inside me, takes a special kind of talent. If you have an open mind and strong stomach this book is for you!
4 out of 5 Bookworms

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