The Shining by Stephen King

Hired as a caretaker for the massive Overlook Hotel, Jack Torrance along with wife Wendy and son Danny move in and prepare for the long winter offseason. Unaware of a grim history and a heinous presence, the Torrance family are forced to endure an onslaught of unnatural evil.
The Shining by Stephen King is a perfect example of a proficient novel. His rich investment into characterization and creation of an isolated incubated extent of time slowly evolving into madness is a masterful slow burn. King strategically writes about alcoholism, abuse and other inner demons that unfold into a long nightmarish party full of stomach-churning moments. It’s amazing how he slowly forms the hotel itself into its own living breathing entity. It becomes the central cast member as it manipulates, deceives and terrorizes.
There are so many iconic images that makes this a classic, from the infamous room 217, to the Colorado scenic winter to the beastly reanimated hedges. If you have read this it’s worth a second go around, if you haven’t it’s a must. So Constant Readers enjoy…and Shine On.
5 Out of 5 Horror Bookworms

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