Night of the Mannequins by a Stephen Graham Jones

Sawyer Grimes and his teenage group of friends stumble upon a mannequin in a creek buried in the mud. Things take a dark drastic turn when an attempted prank utilizing their discovery evolves into a psychotic break down of reality.
Stephen Graham Jones delivers an abstract style of storytelling to his novella Night of the Mannequins. His quirkiness advances into magical thinking and conspiracy theories developing into a slow spiral of madness. Readers will be compelled to believe in a blank facemask killer that has a warped view on “survivors guilt”. A giant department store dummy Kaiju that begins a rampaging course of destruction leaving only rubble in its wake. A mannequin answering to the name of Manny that lives in the wild surviving only on fertilizer, bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
The author digs deep in his creative mind for this one. I enjoyed trying to follow the thought process of one who decides taking matters into his own hands is the right decision, even if it’s to the point of delusional reasoning. Stephen Graham Jones has an exceptional back catalog of well written books, and this one is no exception to his excellence. So when you hear that tornado siren slowly begin to roar in the distance, you might want to set the book down and make sure nothing plastic and colossal is heading your way.
4 out of 5 Horror Bookworms

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