Road Trip Z by M.P. Norman

While the world experiences a zombie infected pandemic of apocalyptic proportions, a ragtag group travel a desolate wasteland in search of a secured haven promised by a rogue static transmission broadcast faintly heard over the radio air ways.
Road Trip Z takes an original approach to the zombie apocalypse lore and pleasantly blends with much of the historic and modern aspects that we all have come to know and love. Along with the slow moving flesh eaters and the chaotic fast moving animalistic type, the reader will soon discover the dead have evolved into a mutated breed. This along with the outstanding diverse characterization correlated to the band of survivors making their way across the western states, author M.P. Norman has provided an impressive solid Mad Max styled world of survival to accompany his plot twists and turns.
Readers, freaks, and survival geeks, hang on to your fedoras and prepare to travel these pages of full on zombie-infested wastelands. You have been warned with a bright red graffitied sign that reads “Dead Ahead, Turn Around!” Will you begin the Road Trip?
A strong zombie rating 4 of 5 Horror Bookworms

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