Night Shift by Stephen King

Night Shift by Stephen King opens a Pandora’s Box full of unearthly nightmares. Stories of miniature army men coming to life, a bandaged hand that has a mind of its own, a terrifying wager taking place on a five inch apartment building ledge many stories up and a monster worm that dwells in darkness beneath a church.
Many of these works of art harkens back to the Tales From The Crypt days of old. This classic formula of grabbing the reader instantly and not letting go, is achieved by successfully claiming their undivided attention by applying an unordinary reading experience leading to an unforeseen twist ending. With his dark imaginative twists on life and conceiving things that go bump in the night that are cleverly hidden in the darkness of a bedroom closet, Stephen King may be at his best using the short fiction format. There have been an abundance of screen adaptations of these twenty tales of terror, it seems this collection resembles a gruesome greatest hits album. King indeed has a writing capability that is guaranteed many sleepless nights and will permanently stain your mind with the macabre.
Readers, grab a copy of Night Shift, pull up your favorite nice comfy chair and your beloved giant flabby warm legless rat and enjoy what King has to offer…times twenty.
A perfect rating of 5 Horror Bookworms

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