Shallow Graves by Robert Essig & Jack Bantry

A trip to Amsterdam leads to a horrific life lesson in sexual deviance. Maggots play a pivotal role exposing a killer in a way like no other. House thieves receive an unexpected Lovecraftian surprise.
From frantic psychos, to creepy crawly creatures to the darkened secrecy of the unknown, Death’s Head Press presents this short story collection from authors Robert Essig & Jack Bantry. With the wide range of subject matter and even flow of storylines, these authors equally provide an overshadow of fear by balancing all horror aspects. Along with providing tag teaming works of fiction throughout the book, this duo also join forces at times to provide grisly primal results. Both are able to give personality to those that aren’t human and have a ravenous appetite for the gruesome. It’s easy to lose oneself among the many waves of spontaneous nauseated shocks. I really enjoy reading flash and short fiction, it takes the monotony away from having the task of a full novel. This is a high recommendation for those readers who want that perfect break.
Last word of advice, by all means possible, avoid masking tape, jugs of gasoline, shovels and trunks of cars. But do not avoid this book!
A rating of 4 Horror Bookworms 🐛

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