Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology Of Vacation Horror edited by Samantha Kolesnik

A family takes a good-old fashioned road trip only to have realized they are lost, the only solution is a shortcut these folks will never forget. What seems to be a cry for help turns into a gruesome rescue attempt. On an island a bizarre hunger for flesh results in an investigation which includes a very unusual crime scene.
Published by Grindhouse Press, Samantha Kolesnik presents this compilation of stories based on vacations gone wrong entitled Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology Of Vacation Horror. Sadie Hartmann sets the tone with an enjoyable foreword that would make the most stable vacationer a paranoid wreck.
Anthologies are always interesting to see how each individual writer approaches and executes a running theme. Each of these creators have their own take on nightmare tourism, lurking darkness and monsters that become real. From Kenzie Jennings brilliant portrayal of a normal family on the surface, then revealing a distorted and disturbing truth with a twist. To the way Patrick Lacy lures the reader gradually with unsettling nuances of unearthly sexual voyeurism. These authors have cleverly contributed something authentic and compelling towards their own features.
When and if, you decide to take time off from work and enter the doorway to a pleasurable break from everyday living, be sure to read your map carefully. You don’t want to venture into uncharted territories that may result in being your final “end of the road” situation like some of these tales have.
A rating of 4 out of 5 Horror Bookworms 🐛

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