The Eidola Project by Robert Herold

A small team of supernatural researchers specializing in scientific investigations, recruit a few extraordinary new members to complete a daunting mission. This group intends to explore an ongoing haunting and determine if there is a menacing ghostly presence or a paranormal fakery.
In Greek the word Eidola means ghosts. Robert Herold transforms this definition into a full blown venture by composing a period piece where science and the paranormal clash with an unsuspecting result occurring in the afterlife. Herold crafts this story well by blending physicists, mediums and scientists with a suspenseful storyline dealing danger of the unknown at every turn of the page. Having a continuous momentum of confronting true science and what would be deception, ultimately have consequences for those that have talents the rest of us don’t posses. The Eidola Project’s intriguing timeline, authentic haunting moments and unexpected conclusion make this an essential read.
On a final note, as you’re reading this book and unlocking all its secrets, beware the ectoplasm manifestation. It seems malevolent forces are at work.
4 out of 5 Bookworm rating

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