Blood Relations by Kristopher Triana

A man discovers his hidden childhood secrets after finding a box of nightmares in the form of VHS Tapes. A mother and daughter use the tools of life to perform a birth and rebirth. A sister and brother derive a demented plan enabling a return to the safety of their mother’s womb. A white sinister ice cream truck demands a vile request in return for an item on its unique menu.
Blood Relations is a themed collection of short stories by Kristopher Triana and published by Grindhouse Press. All of these tales of terror have one topic in common, an infected family bloodline. These visions put to paper incorporate unsettling depictions of the past casting its darkness on the present, macabre concepts intimately linked to human flesh and its bodily fluids, and kin taking family values to absurd levels. Triana takes the reader on a descent into a waiting darkness where sacrificial victims, demonology, and bizarre offsprings dwell. His approach to unnatural family nostalgia confirms his writing skills that project images of the dark in more ways than one. Psychological terror, creature features, satanic panic and a bit of sci-fi horror. This book has them all nestled into one binding work of fiction.
Consider Kristopher Triana that Uncle you never had. Just because he claims to be personal friends with the demon Astaroth or demands a diaper change when he makes a boom-boom doesn’t mean he can’t complete any family blood-ties that might be required. Enjoy this five star recommendation from the twisted mind of Uncle Triana and grab your copy today.
5 out of 5 Bookworms. A must read!!!

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