Malorie by Josh Malerman

The saga of Bird Box continues with the release of Malorie by Josh Malerman. The story endures ten years later, Olympia and Tom are now teenagers and after having lived by the blindfold, they now have their own agendas and philosophies on how the creatures are able to shape their ongoing madness on society.
Malerman conducts this sequel with horrific memories included from the first book and continues forward with unfamiliar induced nightmares that once again are beyond human comprehension. Malorie centers around a Blind Train that provides transportation in a world gone dark and mad, as well as theories that begin experimentation involving the creatures and how to survive certain dangerous communities. Plenty of these related tense moments are provided by Malerman, resulting in many haunted house attraction moments for the reader. It’s amazing how he interprets a world of darkness where a species existence can be described as a glimpse into a void, a peek at infinity or a quick look at the face of God.
Malorie remains true to the Bird Box experience of exhilarating cultivated spookiness. If you liked the original, a second overflowing spoonful of paranoiac startles are coming your way. Grab a copy of this book, but if you’re wearing a blindfold to prevent insanity, it’s also available on audible.
4 Horror Bookworms out of 5

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