Misfits by Hunter Shea

There’s something terrifying in the woods that has existed for generations. Now, a small group of stoner friends discover the age old secret, and survival from pure visceral evil becomes all too real.
Author Hunter Shea conceives a literary horror show located in a deep, dark and wooded territory. His creation of one-hundred-percent cannibal monsters are known as Melon Heads. These misfits are deformed inbred backwood creatures that have assembled their own terrifying community within the forest. Shea definitely pulls no punches when it comes to full on ravenous deformed Melon action. I loved the 90’s pop culture references sprinkled throughout the pages along with his “in your face” plot twists and eye for detail. At times during this novel I found myself re-reading portions of the book thinking…wait, did that just really happened? This book will definitely satisfy any gore hound and keep the reader on their toes.
Ergo, when driving down Dracula Drive be cautious and hope the Mellon Head guardian is doing his job by not biting the hand that feeds them. All you horror-loving maniacs, relish this unpredictable fun ride specializing in B-Movie backwood terror.
4 out of 5 Horror Bookworms

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