It Came From The Multiplex: 80’s Midnight Chillers edited by Joshua Viola

Who remembers making that exciting trip to your local cinema on behalf of
those great horror movies of the 1980’s. Maybe a trip to the huge Multiplex for a showing of Sleepaway Camp. Or how about a midnight showing of Killer Klowns From Outer Space at your local Rialto. Perhaps a drive-in double feature, The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. It Came From The Multiplex: 80’s Midnight Chillers is a horror anthology based on these scenarios brought to you by Hex Publishers.
From a homicidal psychopathic serial killer that preys on drive-in movie goers, alien parasites from outer space attempting to reign over the human race and a haunted theater where an admit one ticket may allow you to enter, but never leave. This collection of authors assembled by Joshua Viola give a nod to the experience of viewing these third-rate B-Movies of the silver screen. With the likes of authors Stephen Graham Jones, Kevin J Anderson and Betty Rocksteady, this throwback to the 80’s has plenty of authentic horror, blood and gore to excite the most enthusiastic ritualist. Written with extreme creativity and quick wit, the reader will appreciate the authors flow of darkness from story to story.
For these reasons you should purchase a ticket, popcorn, candy, coke and this book. Grab a seat and wait for that familiar clickety-clack of the film projector as it lights up the silver screen. However, keep in mind this particular motion-picture screen is the window to many monstrous souls waiting to reveal each short story. Hex Publishers have released an enjoyable nostalgic anthology that readers will no doubt appreciate. 5 stars.
5 Horror Bookworms out of 5

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