The Cipher by Kathe Koja

Two friends discover a living black darkness in the form of a strange hole. Approximately one foot in diameter and located in a storage room, the unusual opening slowly becomes an obsession with regard to experimentation for the pair. This leads towards a hideous version of a Twilight Zone episode come true. Kathe Koja brings to life a horror that defies disbelief as she introduces a stretched and distorted unrealism to everyday reality. This entity is vacant of all light and cleverly nicknamed “The Funhole”. Written with an intellectual stimulation of the horrific kind Koja establishes a gateway to a opened Pandora's Box full of nightmare images linked with science and mysticism. The Cipher has constant spontaneous arrangements of self combustion which flow towards distorted imageries beyond your average rudimentary horror novel. There are plenty bits of comic relief in the fashion of beer induced theories of what lies beyond, however the essentials in this work of fiction certainly bleeds its own brand of terror.
Hitting on all cylinders of phantasmic flesh, fans of Clive Barker will definitely have their hooks into this one. I really enjoyed all aspects of this book, and I think you will too.
4 out of 5 Horror Bookworms

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