Playing Possum by Stephanie Rabig

After several strange possum occurrences begin randomly appearing, a small community becomes rightfully concerned about the odd behavior from not only the furry rodents, but from several of the towns residents. A further investigation not only leads to the strange truth, but to an all out battle against hordes of possum. In the tradition of such classic movies as The Birds and Piranha, quintessential books such as The Rats, The Swarm and Roo, comes the next great "animals attack" effort. Playing Possum by Stephanie Rabig. These menacing marsupials of fur, teeth and snake like thrashing tales are the protagonists in this well written animalistic horror ride. The story has plenty of depth with a constant evolving plot comprising of spooky graveyards, hoodoo magic and curses that would make the most heinous witch shudder with fear. Capitalizing on the their intimidating appearance, Rabig has successfully developed a thrilling slice of fiction made from enough hisses and bites to make the reader squirm in their seat for many pages. Not to mention, one can’t help but gush over the eye catching and absolute gorgeous cover art accomplished by the talented Kealan Patrick Burke. All of these great attributes belong to this lovable B-movie experience and are the reasons you should grab a copy. There is a good sized fanbase, including me, for these type of books especially when they are done well, as this one is.
The story relishes in its descriptive action sequences, characterization, unexpected story twists and of course the wonderful ending that places the gruesome cherry on top of the savory skeletal roadkill remains. (which happens to be a common delicacy for the possum). Take care, for they are coming your way.
5 out of 5 Horror Bookworms 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

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