Visceral by Christine Morgan & Patrick C Harrison

Brought to you by Death’s Head Press, Visceral is a collection of extreme fiction from authors Christine Morgan and Patrick C. Harrison. Spooky, weird and strange, all of these stories are centered around fables of the skin.
A well written introduction by Ryan Harding kicks off this unusual flesh feast of fiction. His overview of each short story equals that of Rod Serling himself as he roams through the Visceral Night Gallery, hesitating at each story to describe and express disturbing sentiments and foreshadowing that will become the readers experience.
Christine Morgan brings her familiar award winning twisted brand of horror to the pages yet again as she introduces new and fresh perspectives on extreme atrocities. From a gentleman who is determined to take full control over his taste buds while enduring gut wrenching self experimentations, to an overly generous man that becomes a bit too excessive with his addiction to blood and body donations. These imaginative creations are offered up by Christine, luring the reader to experience her inventive shocks, surprises and delightful twist endings.
Patrick C. Harrison puts the odd in oddity. With his no holds bar approach to writing, there will be plenty of sadistic cringe worthy moments for the reader. From a young man who chooses to alter his appearance and behavior in order to reach an animalistic simple lifestyle, to a house party that quickly escalates into a vengeful brutal massacre taking the form of a famous classic monster.
These two authors have accomplished some of the craziest concepts you will ever read. Rotating back and forth throughout the book, this duo compliments each other wonderfully enough to receive a Horror Bookworm 5 star review.
5 out of 5 Horror Bookworms !!!!!

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