What’s Coming For You by Joshua Rex

What’s Coming For You by Joshua Rex is a collection of creepy strange fiction that includes the following… A student’s mutated adolescents evolves on the basketball court during a final breakout season game, forcing spectators to witness a raw horror right before their eyes. What would seem to be toy artifacts to some, proves to become not only a believed pagan fashion but more of a terrifying foreboding presence. A young woman relies on her personal social seclusion and tormented sixth sense to survive an historic seaside retreat town where the dead do more than just haunt from the graveyard.
These eerie tales are what’s coming for the reader from the visionary mind of Joshua Rex. His atmospheric tone and discerning inventiveness brings an even flow from story to story. The skilled vision and talent placed within the covers of this book enables the reader to listen to voices below, experience tormented souls first hand and visit a restless alienated home residing in a secluded locale. The whispering feelings of dread in this collection haunts each anecdote with a horrific muted glow that seeps through the pages like a tormented wraith. The suspense is monitored with violence, not for gore sake, but instead to further the sympathy for the characters engaged in circumstances beyond their control.
Readers should expect an entertaining payoff when a pleasurable investment of time and the purchase of this book is made. By using several writing methods that will connect with the reader, Rex utilizes his stories as martyrs, forewarning of What Will Be Coming For You…
4 out of 5 Horror Bookworms

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