Mutation by Michael McBride

Mutation by Michael McBride sees the return of Unit 51 as they investigate an unimaginable alien organism which is discovered in an ancient tomb that could lead to an apocalyptic future for mankind. Meanwhile a creature known as Subject Z is detected forging its way to a self committed destiny that will have global ramifications.Traversing through many locations such as the Middle East, Antarctica and Turkey, horror and action quickly become precedence.
From claustrophobic caverns, creature ridden jungles and deadly viruses, McBride always seems to find authentic horrors that will haunt the reader’s dreams as the unknown is explored. Using these writing skills he allows the reader to not only encounter conceivable perilous surroundings but also experience true monstrosities that are offered throughout the pages. The intelligent aspect to horror this novel contains is not only impressive but also adds to the believable nuance of genuine danger. Using constellations, crop circles and the world map as a background, the author initiates the process of interpreting and decoding religion as well as deities resulting in a historical fiction vibe. Within this atmospheric mood, secrets are unlocked to some of the oldest historical sites known to man in addition to an underlying message of – being in the jaws of death reminds one how precious life really is -.
Michael McBride is one of those authors I never get tired of reading. It still amazes me how he successfully incorporates unknown phenomenons, mysterious prophecies and a unlimited amount of terrifying species pact in each book. Mutation is no exception. When spending your hard earned money on books, choose wisely, this one is guaranteed bang for your buck.
A Horror Bookworm rating of 4 out of 5

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