The Magpie Coffin by Wile E. Young

Author Wile E. Young spins an ole western yarn about a man named Salem Covington who is seeking revenge on a handful of heathen outlaws that brutally murdered his teacher, a spiritual shaman. Equipped with a mysterious gun, a hired hand, mystical trinkets and human flesh offerings capable of bringing the darkness and what’s within, the Black Magpie sets out on a gruesome trail of revenge and retribution.
Death’s Head Press has began publishing a line of Splatterpunk Westerns featuring a different horror author for each book. Wile E. Young has kicked off the series with a bloody bang. The reader follows the story of a collector of lives who’s hunger for death brings an instant doom upon his deserving victims. Using this as a backdrop along with unbelievable introductions to protagonists, Young produces many heavy tense moments. Knowing that extreme confrontations are inevitable, this is undoubtedly a book you cannot put down. Gunslinging outlaws, eerie stagecoaches and bleeding scalps, all of these and much more bring life to a historical grim time period. The Magpie Coffin has it all, including the icing on the cake…cover art created by Justin T Coons…simply amazing.
Wile E. Young has officially become a morbid ordained minister as he conjoins the wild west and splatterpunk making it a marriage made in heaven. This is my first Wile E. Young book to read, and it definitely won’t be my last. I look forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve. A very strong Horror Bookworm recommendation.
A strong 5 out of 5 Horror Bookworm recommendation

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