Don’t Move by James S. Murray & Darren Wearmouth

Many months after a personal disturbing life tragedy, Megan arranges a camping trip getaway with her pastor and church group hoping for an opportunity to insert normalcy in her life once again. Realizing the facade of what seems like paradise on earth is actually a nightmare in hideous disguise, Megan soon realizes history is about to repeat itself.
Don’t Move by James S. Murray & Darren Wearmouth is a great creature feature presentation spotlighting an enormous eight legged arachnid. The author duo creates a setting where a group of people isolated in a claustrophobic wooded area stumble upon a deadly six foot spider. Moving silently through uncharted territories and spinning its network of webbing, this monstrosity lurking in the darkness is written with a considerable amount of intensity and sudden startles. The creepiness factor is through the roof as is the nightmarish shocks that are ever so consistent, keeping the reader trapped and continually on guard. Just when you think these authors won’t go there…they go there, demonstrating that anything can happen and there are no lines that won’t be crossed. Not only does this book have all the factors that make a great story, it flat out makes purchasing a copy a must.
The next time you find yourself in the stunning outdoors with no communication, suddenly having the entire area fall silent, hearing a distant high pitched hissing and viewing a glimpse of movement in your peripheral vision…just remember… Don’t Move. Highly recommended by the Horror Bookworm.
4 out of 5 Horror Bookworms. A strong recommendation 🐛

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