Brewtality edited by K Trap Jones

A confession of a maddening drunk’s bizarre scheme is exposed and driven by eccentric voices in his head. An unusual string of violent freakish events occur after a patron is questioned and challenged on his choice of bubbly…a Pink Passion. A man finds a strange surprise inside his can of brewski, only to discover a new form of evolution.
Based on alcohol infused extreme horror, this anthology rightfully named Brewtality, is edited by K Trap Jones and released by The Evil Cookie Publishing. Top notch writing talents such as Edward Lee, Jeff Strand and Robert Essig are part of the mixture attributed to this nightcap concoction of extreme story telling. Immortality, madness and gruesome addictions are also incorporated, resulting in numerous cringe worthy intoxicating moments among these tales of morbid wine & spirits. The level playing field between humor and horror is well balanced among these talented authors that have contributed. From Ryan Harding’s putrid moonshine jar of grisly induced karma. To Christine Morgan’s stein of ale that focuses on a mythical legend by the name of Ullrik The Bottomless. To Stephen Kozeniewski’s bourbon whiskey which provides a pivotal function for a highly unusual case solving detective agency. This collection of well written short stories are on sale and ready for consumption.
I had many favorite reading experiences in this anthology including the Jack Ketchum quote, it was a pleasant touch. For all these reasons, the reader should pour themselves a glass or shot of their favorite cold one, liquid courage or giggle juice. Raise a toast to Jack Ketchum, and raise a toast to your favorite horror fiction. 5 out of 5 Horror Bookworms.
5 out of 5 Horror Bookworms !!!!!

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