Voodoo Heart by John Everson

Taking place in New Orleans, Detective Lawrence Ribaud has been dispatched to an unusual violent crime scene. Upon further investigation the detective begins to slowly uncover what seems to be a connection to an underground voodoo ridden society.
Published by Flame Tree Press, author John Everson has awaken the voodoo mythos with his most recent novel Voodoo Heart. Easing the reader into a sense of calm security with his appealing characters and pleasant locations such as Bourbon Street and The French Quarter within The Big Easy, make for an alluring setting. His work of fiction quickly turns into a menacing chase towards evil. Missing bodies, dark rituals and black magic governed under a supernatural environment quickly become the forefront of this intense novel. Unfolding into a twisted morbid plot of manifested dark arts, the power held over it’s victims and sacrificial rituals substantiates a fine line between fiction and nonfictional true crime that make the story believable and all too real. Because of the subject matter and Everson’s talented writing skill one can’t help but have the uneasy feeling of exploring the unknown and treading on sacred hollowed ground. It’s certainly an uncomfortable thrilling ride, what horror and being scared is all about.
The constant evolving twists and turns will no doubt leave the reader with a desire to seek out their own local mambo priestess for any spells or potions that could aid their ailment and ward off any evil spirits and curses that might linger upon finishing this book. You too will find yourself dredging the swamps for a release of any ritualistic hold this novel will have on you. A strong ceremonious recommendation from The Horror Bookworm.
5 out of 5 Bookworms

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