The Halloween Store by Ronald Kelly

A newly small town Halloween shop opens where the proprietor sells her wares that include a disturbing satisfaction guarantee. A young’uns neighborhood trick-or-treating expedition goes horribly wrong when a dubious clown chooses to give out his own version of goodies. A serial killer by the name of Doctor Jack, given by the small town of Green Hollow, takes carnal pleasure in his creative ingenuity when gutting and carving his own interpretation of pumpkin heads.
The Halloween Store by Ronald Kelly takes the reader on a handful of holiday tours through Halloween festivals, the delights of decorated local stores and childhood innocents where simple nostalgic pleasures reign. His literary paintings of the holiday’s sights, sounds and smells often take a dark and perilous path towards unsuspecting dark areas where souls are often bought and sold. The stories read much like a classic Tales from The Crypt comic published by E.C. They contain great one liners at the conclusion of every twisted tale as well as a creepy mail-order advertisement that only the fearless should fill out. Not only does this book provide hours of spooky entertainment it hands out some special goodies in the form of an enjoyable introduction and several captivating essays that should be described as cryptic poetry.
There’s something relaxing and enjoyable about Ronald Kelly’s storytelling and writing style that no other author possesses. He’s that neighbor which can weave a good tale and a pleasure to visit on All Hallow’s Eve knowing the good stuff will be plopped within your trick or treat bag. Although that grinning Jack 0 Lantern on his porch just doesn’t seem right for some reason. A five star Horror Bookworm review. Grab a copy for Halloween or for that matter any day of the year.
A five star Horror Bookworm Review !!!!!

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