We Bleed Orange & Black by Jeff C. Carter

Jeff C. Carter presents his collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry for the sake of one of the most celebrated holidays around the globe…Halloween. We Bleed Orange & Black is a dedication to all of us that celebrate with an unheard passion that only the committed possess.
Judge, jury and prosecutor emerge upon the accused in the form of an ominous hellhound. Hordes of zombies, waves of werewolves and a multitude of vampires scour the surface of the Earth to claim the ultimate prize. A powerpoint presentation is given to a vampire for an opportunity to become a team member of a network called “Vampreneurs”. Author Jeff C. Carter has created a clever 31 fun-sized tales for his Halloween book. Clever fables, spooky monster tales and frightening folklore are all included and intended for both young and old. Carter’s effectiveness of combining humor and wit with horror will have the reader zealous for the next fictional morsel. You can literally savor one story for each day of October all the way up to the big night on the 31st. Also included is an age guide to help choose which stories are appropriate for the little tikes.
The fun factor is off the scale for We Bleed Orange & Black. I’ll leave you with these two words of advice from within these pages…(1) don’t cremate…appreciate & (2) teamwork makes scream work. Enjoy. A ghoulish family recommendation from the Horror Bookworm.
A Horror Bookworm recommendation of 4 stars

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