A Stick Of Doublemint by Gene O’Neill

As an innocent bystander, a young woman is at the wrong place at the wrong time and is gunned down outside a business storefront during a street gang’s retaliation towards their rivals. The murder investigation becomes intriguing as an apparent vigilante has surfaced causing a new problematic twist in the case.
A Stick Of Doublemint by Gene O’Neill is book #4 in The Crime Files of Katy Green series. Written with an intriguing take on a homicide investigation, the author captures the classic essence of a vengeful “eye for an eye” criminal charge. Private Investigators, avenging vigilantes and logical problem solving form O’Neill’s storytelling abilities in a way that locks the reader into needing to know who, what and why. The illustrations by Greg Chapman add a nice nostalgic effect to the whole package. Also included in this book is author Gord Rolo’s take on classic mystery writers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the importance of how Gene’s role fits into this vintage genre. Wrapping up this nice little bundle of reading material is an interview with the number one suspect and only person of interest, Mr. O’Neill himself. Conducted by B.E. Scully we are allowed a behind the scenes look and understanding of Gene’s exposure to life’s harsh reality growing up and how it helped shape his writing career.
Who would ever think a wrapped stick of Doublemint gum would be a captivating plot point to a fanciful private eye piece of fiction, Gene O ‘Neill that’s who. Reader, you have just been assigned to a case of justifiable morality where the number one piece of evidence is a piece of chewing gum.
4 Horror Bookworm rating 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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