Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer

Lussi has applied for a promising job at a book publishing company named Blackwood. Having previous experience in the publishing industry she is hopeful for employment after scheduling an interview with the proprietor. Following a parade of unusual circumstances she finds herself employed. However In addition to her new occupation she reluctantly has become associated with a discernible inheritance of conjured evil.
Andrew Shaffer’s Secret Santa is an enjoyable fictional slideshow of sinister images transpiring during the 1980’s. His combination of mysterious ghostly entities and subtle humor captures a haunting reading experience for the horror connoisseur. A nice touch to the existing evil and an added level to the creepiness is a Percht, a menacing fur covered horned doll with teeth. Its looming physical presence arouses an unsettling sensation. Having the story center around an historic publishing structure was a clever aspect as were slight nods to famous authors we all know and have grown to love. The mystery surrounding this fortress not only exists within its walls, but also has its shocking history gradually revealed making the story that much more compelling. Fictional contoured shadows and cult like worshipers bring the Blackwood Building to life making it the definitive main character.
Successfully combining two of the most popular holidays, Halloween and Christmas, Andrew Shaffer becomes the readers Secret Santa bringing forth a sacrificial spooky story entangled with decorative Christmas lights. A solid 4 Horror Bookworm rating just in time for the holidays.
4 Horror Bookworms 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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