Lost Tribe by Gene O’Neill

A struggling freelance writer researches for a book proposal. A menacing convict attempts a foolhardy escape to freedom. Two people begin to fall for each other after a first date. Be that as it may, a legendary prophecy of prehistoric times will awake from a long slumber and change all their lives forever.
The An-u-tua Indian tribe, known as people of little color, existed in and around The Lost Coast area a very long time ago. However many years after being banished, anthropological theories started surfacing along with the possibilities of a lone female shaman survivor. Questioning the existence of accomplished shapeshifters and animal-human hybrids, a small party ventures forth to find prehistoric evidence. Author Gene O’ Neill focuses on an Indian legend that is summoned from the past and unleashed by a force of nature. Intriguing rumored myths, combined storylines and a compelling creature make Lost Tribe acquire the form of a historical fiction horror novel. O’Neill masters the perception of blurred lines between fact and fiction which leads the reader to know not if, but when will the terror arrive and in what form. Having a group of survivors isolated by a threatening menace becomes the main ingredient for this unearthly recipe.
Prolific and specializing in fantasy and horror, Gene’s novels and short stories are often mesmerizing pieces of imaginative brilliance…Lost Tribe is no exception. Not since Dan Simmons has an author fascinated me with compelling revelations of unexplained theories. The methodical intellectual lore heavily contributes to this being an addictive terrifying must read.
Four Horror Bookworms Rating !!!!

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