They All Died Screaming by Kristopher Triana

An unidentified virus grips the population while possessing a terrifying symptom. The disease in question quickly turns into a gruesome widespread pandemic. A young boy is abducted and is helplessly exposed to the diseased mind of his captor. These two storylines initiate a stomach churning venture into a repulsive piece of extreme fiction.
They All Died Screaming is a chaotic decent into a neurological phenomenon written by Splatterpunk award winner Kristopher Triana. Dealing with an irrepressible contagious virus is frightening enough as we all know by living in today’s environment, but having the only identifiable symptom of uncontrollable rage saddled with primal screams that won’t stop until the carriers demise is simply horrifying. Triana creates atmospheric menaces that test societies moral codes to its limits. From anarchic societies to appalling backwood sinister urges, there will be many severe obstacles for Triana’s unfortunate cast to overcome. The theories of the infected quickly lead to cruelty and violence that intensify the story as it gains momentum. The author’s unpredictable colorful characters plague each storyline and never fail to force the reader’s senses into a queasy uneasy feeling.
Published by Blood Bound Books, They All Died Screaming is one of my favorite extreme/splatter books this year, and my new guilty pleasure. The morbid moral to this story is… in a world full of monsters, even heroes have fangs.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ a five star strong recommendation from Horror Bookworm Reviews.
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A Five Star Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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