War Of Dictates by John Baltisberger

Spanning from 970 BCE, 1348 CE to present day 2020. Venturing from Israel, Mesopotamia to the United States. Confronting Lords, fallen angels and creators of primal nightmares gathering for an historical crimson soaked admonishment. These are the infernal components that formulate War Of Dictates.
Author John Baltisberger compiles a historic perspective of biblical proportions by orchestrating a symphony of fear, power and annihilation. Written in verse, this chronicled holy writ carries the word of heathens clad with disfigured egos to a new level of decadence. From the birth of cosmic powers to the King in Orange seated upon his throne, Baltisberger explores full-scale aspects of inhuman sacrificial darkness punctuated by unholy madness. Depictions of a planet populated by immortal vengeance and ravaged flesh brings an imposing sense of doom with every turn of the page. John’s extensive knowledge of biblical figures, sacred writings and holy scriptures allows the reader to reap the rewards while on this journey of cultured brutality. With this new found birth of a lost faith in humanity, it is imperative (and wishful thinking) to require Vincent Price or Christopher Lee to narrate the audible edition of this book.
I remain enamored by the choice of writing style and subject matter chosen for this publication. What a breath of fresh fiery hell air this book is. Speaking of hell, Christine Morgan’s choice of words for the front cover blurb was also classic, loved it. Imagine if Clive Barker, Poe and Lovecraft were instructed to scribe the Book of Revelations, the result would be War Of Dictates.
Visit Death’s Head Press here…http://www.deathsheadpress.com/
A breath of fresh fiery hell air 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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