The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker

Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker reveals further twisted horrors of Pinhead the Hell Priest. Attempting to ascertain and utilize unexplained magical powers, Pinhead pursues accomplished magicians of the dark arts. The on going task of mastering flesh, mind and soul has acquired years of intense personal suffering and agony. This agenda will lead to his ultimate strategy of overthrowing Lucifer’s throne and claim Hell for himself.
Once again Barker demonstrates his superiority of imaginative locations such as the Cenobitical Order located in the Monastery High Office. This fortress built seven hundred thousand years ago, has a sole purpose of keeping its priests and priestesses from the volatile politics of Hell. Scarlet Gospels hold many intense confrontations formed by several strong characters that are brought to the foreground. One of course is the Hell Priest himself, a tortured soul who has been accused by the Cenobites of having an undesirable alternate motive for the sub-species of Pyratha. Another is Harry D’Amour, a private investigator who wears special tattoos that senses danger by an internal erratic alarm.
Barker combines all of these elements to prove once again he is a master of imaginative words that form visual terrors. Books of Blood shot him to instant fame resulting in more exceptional fiction, screenwriting, and directing. Hellraiser, along with the character Pinhead has become a staple of the horror genre. Now readers can continue the exploitations of this horror icon and the Cenobites in his novel Scarlet Gospels.
A legendary Clive Barker rating of 4 Horror Bookworms

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